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Every cell in the human body vibrates constantly with energy. Healers from many cultures understand our human bodies draws energy into it from the universes energy field; much like drawing in oxygen from the air into our lungs.


We now have scientific discoveries confirming we are more than only the physical body, but understanding that energy is a part of what makes us " who we are"


Energy, by nature is all ways moving. Much like the blood in our physical body, energy is constantly changing moving slowly, rapidly, freely or stagnant act.

Our goal is to have an energy system (chakras) that is a beautiful steady stream. Our energy is very much a reflection of who we are and our state of wellbeing on every level: emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually.


Chakras are the energy centers of the body. The word "chakra" means "wheel" or "disk". Each chakra rotates creating a vortex. It is in these vortexes we channel and filter the energy we absorb from our environment. Understanding how the chakras work is essential to receive a fluid energy. 


There are 7 major chakras. One enters the physical body at the top of the head, the other six follow the vertical midline of the body. 


It's important to remember that the chakras are constantly interacting, much like our organs. Think in terms of the chakras being an intense concentration of energy for our whole energy system. Even though energy is constantly moving into the chakras, the strength of the energy can decrease if an area of our life is out of balance.

Our behavior and actions are not only governed by our intellect, but the idea that the movement of energy into and around our bodies influence our state of mind, thus our actions. Chakras and energy are also a part of our connection with the universe,


ROOT CHAKRA | Location: Base of the Spine

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If the energy of the root chakra is depleted or blocked, our connection to nature and the world around us may be weakened. As a result we feel ungrounded or less stable. In this state we may neglect our physical needs, wants and desires. We may become unhealthy and weak 

If the root chakra is overstimulated, we may become too attached to things that do not serve us. We may be unable to develop the "higher" levels of our true nature or feel afraid of losing possessions or relationships. The fears are so great that we can't enjoy our wealth, relationships, life.

Our first chakra is the root, and it's concerned with our connection to the earth and our basic needs for survival, sustenance, the health of the physical body and safety. 

SACRAL CHAKRA | Location: Lower Abdomen (below the navel)

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Our second chakra is the sacral and it's concerned with change, sexuality and creativity. It is expressed artistically, academically, physically or in the ultimate creative act, producing a child. All of these are in this chakra. A free flow of the sacral chakras energy will be manifested as vitality and a passionate approach to life.

This chakra is concerned with the pleasures of life, with desire and with nurturing ourselves and our creativity. When it is in balance, this chakra brings immense amounts of  pleasure into our lives. It allows us to see the beauty in people and things around us. 

If we have an excess of energy in this chakra, we may be overly focused on satisfying our desires or unaware or unwilling to acknowledge that it is not always necessary or healthy to have all our desires met.    


If we have depleted energy levels in this chakra, we may deprive our selves of any pleasure, or try to deny that we have any desires. 

SOLAR PLEXUS | Location: Right Above the Naval 

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The energy of this chakra is where our power and self-confidence manifest.

When the Solar plexus is in balance, we experience confidence, are self-motivated and have a sense of purpose.


When surrounded by negative energy, we can suffer from low self-esteem, feel trouble or difficulty making decisions and having control issues.


Imbalances of the Solar Plexus can also cause fatigue, overeating,  excessive weight gain, especially around the stomach, digestive system disorder hypoglycemia and diabetes.

HEART CHAKRA | Location: Center of the Chest

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The Energy of the heart chakra connects us with unconditional love. It affects our ability to consider others, to be gentle in our expectations of ourselves and to empathise with the challenges and the joys experienced by others. The heart chakra is the link between our intellect and our spiritual spiritual selves.

Unconditional love is a state of being; it can be considered a decision. We can engage our will (the Solar Plexus) and direct the love of the heart chakra to all those around us. When we are aware of how interconnected the mind, heart and energy are and we send unconditional love to those around us, we have a greater sense of inner peace and wellbeing.


When we are continually giving, even when we are in need ourselves, the heart chakra is likely out of balance. Similarly someone who denies any empathy with those around them and is unable to show compassion would likely have depleted energy in the heart chakra.

THROAT CHAKRA | Location: Center of the Throat

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The energy of the throat chakra is where we find our voice, speak your truth and sing praises for ourselves and others.

The throat chakra is associated with speaking up and expressing ourselves, also with hearing and being heard. This chakra is connected with truth, clarity and responsibility.

When the throat chakra is out of balance, we are likely to be over talkative and speak about nothing in particular. In this state it is very difficult for us to listen, learn from those around us. When we have depleted energy in this chakra we likely to be uncommunicative or we give unclear messages even in our non verbal communication.  

THIRD EYE CHAKRA | Location: Center of Forehead

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The Third Eye Chakra is where the conscious meets the unconscious, where our imagination and inner "sight" reside. 

Neutering this chakra involves becoming more aware of our intuition. This is the energy of clairvoyance. The ability to sense something before it happens.

If we have a balanced Third eye, we can apply this additional information and combine it with innate wisdom in order to make decisions that are not based on fear or ego.


We are able to use our minds and the power of visualization to have a positive impact on our surroundings and to improve the quality of our lives and of those around us.

An excess of energy in the third eye chakra can mean that we become over influenced by the Psychic realm, and can possibly become ungrounded, disoriented and appear "spacey".


A depletion of this chakra energy can lead to a person being seen as narrow-minded and fixed in their thinking.

CROWN CHAKRA | Location: Top of the Head

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The crown chakra energy is connected to insight, inner-knowing, and self-realization. It is the home of our spirituality and our connection with the Devine.

This chakra is the portal through which the energy that is the human life force enters the body.


From the Crown Chakra, this energy filters down through every other part of our body and through all of the other chakras.


The strength and vitality of the Crown Chakra energy reflects our level of personal development.


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