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Jennifer Love - Your Psychic

Meet Jennifer Love

Jennifer Love has 20+ years of experience. As a 5th generation spiritualists, she has help many clients battling depression low-self-esteem divorce career issues. Her specialty is Love & Relationships.

Her Experience

She has a deep understanding of the Chakra system and how it impacts how we feel think speak and love. She had studied how the 100+ chakras work and what we can do to insure their working at there peck performance. 

Her passion for Energy Healing is made clear the moment you meet with her.  

Chakra System & Energy Healing


Don't just take it from us, check out some of our client testimonials here or on our social media pages.

Jennifer would love to add you to the list of her happy clients.

" I could tell Jennifer was the real deal the second I sat in the chair and looked in her eyes.they draw you in,theres wisdom & depth in them. No doubt has a gift. Her energy alone was healing.With in five minutes I found my self I. Tears like I was having an emotional release just from her presence.


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